Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Blanco Lavender Festival

Last weekend, we went to the Blanco Lavendar festival. I generally hate festivals. Too many people. Too much cute, crappy art with vendors looking at you like you're a hot glazed doughnut and they've been dieting for a month...then turning hostile when you just want to look. Not this festival. The air had that barbecue, funnel cake smell mixed with lavender. The vendors seemed well fed and friendly and the art....well some of the art was breathtaking. Check out the incredible glass beads by Kathy Littlefield, owner of A Little Field of Beads. Gorgeous and only around $20.And the art nouveau, fantasy jewelry by Austin's Connie Colten
I don't know who made the fabulous toilet float birdhouses. But the photographs are by Kistner Photography. And the glowing young woman owns the area's oldest lavender farm, Hill Country Lavender. All photos by Lillian Gerrity

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